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Height: 5"7   |   Eye Color: Brown  |   Hair Color:Black

Sardia Robinson was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised by her grandmother and aunt. She moved to the United States at the age of twenty to reunite with her mother and sisters in Chicago, Illinois, where she began her formal theatre training at the famed Goodman Theatre in Chicago. She interned alongside Chuck Smith, an artistic director at the Goodman, as assistant to the director for the August Wilson play “Ma Rainy’s Black Bottom,” starring Harry J. Lennix. Sardia worked with youth in the Chicago, and later Los Angeles, communities and received the Great Black Women Alumni Award for her contribution to young performers from the Mahogany Scholarship Heritage Foundation in Chicago. 


After graduating from Columbia with a Bachelor degree in Theatre Arts, Sardia she made her professional acting debut portraying the humorous Jamaican poet and folklorist, Ms. Louise Bennett Coverley, in “The Great Black Woman.” Sardia was cast in leading roles and ensembles in productions including “A Raisin in the Sun,” Langston Hughes’ “The Poet,” “Black Caesar,” “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf,” “The Grandmamma Tree,” “Lost Greek Township,” and “Tarantino Tales” playing Jackie Brown.


Sardia’s Jamaican heritage, experience as a single mother and well-honed world-view has proven fertile background material in her efforts as writer, actress and comedienne. She easily earned the “bronze” at the Uncle Clyde Comedy Contest at the world-famous Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena. Sardia wrote and stars in her award-winning, one-woman show “From a Yardie to a Yankee,” the gripping, gut-wrenching true story of her courageous life journey from the murderous streets of Kingston, Jamaica to the deadly consequences of Chicago’s drug wars. Audiences have raved about the show at New York’s United Solo Theatre Festival, The Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, Shakespeare in Paradise Festival and the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where she was awarded the festival’s “Innovative Women in Theatre” award. Sardia has been deeply affecting audiences and earning praise from LA to New York and from London to The Bahamas.

 Training & Workshops 

Audition Tehnique: Clay Banks Acting Studio

Audition Game Pro: Wendy Davis

On Camera: Holly Powell

Cold Reading: Amy Lyndon

Comedy Tehnique: Gerry Katzman

Voice Training: Claudette Roche and Cecily O'Reily

BA in  Theatre: Columbia College

 Special Skills 


Accent/Dialects: West Indies, Jamaican Patois, British

Jamaican Chef, Yoga, Great with Children

Ride Horses, Firearm Trained


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